Our Offers for Shools


For school groups we recommend an all-day excursion or hiking tour in the Wildcats Village Huetscheroda. Some educational materials and flyers are available at the Wildcats-Barn, the information center. The children can learn there in a guided tour interesting about the biology, natural habitat and the endangering of the European wildcat. After the stay in the Wildcat-Barn the visitors proceed to the wildcats enclosure, were the wildcats can be seen. Our wildcats keeper reports about the fascinating life of the shy animals. The visitors could admire the climbing skills and the elegance of the wildcats during the show-feedings.


Detailed information:

In an individual visit:

At the Wildcat-Barn (information center) there are a lot of educational materials available and a couple of films about the European wildcats and Hainich National Park can be also seen (educational materials and films only in german language available). After that the enclosure with the wildcats can be visited, where the wildcats could be admired during the show-feedings (about 30 minutes).


Entrance prices (includes the Wildcat-Barn and the wildcats enclosure):

  • Adult 5,50 € per person
  • Children in a school group 4,00 € per child
  • Reduced ticket (disabled, students, adults in a group 15-30 Persons) 5,00 € per person
  • Family (two adults and up to four children): 14,50 € per family

Guided tours:

  • One-hour guided tour (max. 30 persons): 45,00 € per group

The children can discover the fascinating world of the wildcats during the one-hour guided tour in the Wildcat-Barn and / or at the Wildcat-Creeping-Path.

  •  Three-hours guided tour (max. 30 persons): 130,00 € per group

The tree-hours guided tour could be individually arranged in one of the regional topics like ecological succession, forest development, plant and animals in the Hainich National Park.

Opening hours


1st April to 31st October:

open daily

10:00 – 18:00

1st November to 31st March:

saturday, sunday, official holidays and during the school holidays

10:00 – 16:00 

Wildcat Enclosure


Watch real wildcats live in their natural habitat!


Wildcat Barn


A lot of information about the wildcat, their habitats and the dangers threatening them, presented in a child-friendly exhibition.