Our cats

Yo, attention! I'm Carlo.

Wildkater Carlo

You will most likely see me right when you come in, because I’ll be wandering at the fence right next to the entrance, watching your every move with my sharp green eyes. Though honestly, I’m way more interested in what the keeper is doing. Once he comes in here with my food, I hit him on the foot a few times so he knows who is boss! Oh, and you people better beware too… I will hiss at anyone who gets too close to me! They call me wildcat for a good reason!

Hi, I'm Toco.

Wildkater Toco

Don’t worry; I’m not as impolite and mean as my brother. I like to use my energy on climbing around rather than hissing at you people. You will often see me sitting in the highest branches of my trees; I really like the view. If I’m not there, I’ll most likely be sitting in my shelter or walking around near the fence. Hey, why don’t you talk to me when you see me? I don’t know what you’re saying of course, but you’ll see I try my hardest to reply!

Meow. I'm Franz.

I have a white spot on my throat as well as a slightly brighter fur than my brother, that’s how you can tell us apart. Or, if you can get close enough, you could look at our noses: We both have a small beauty spot on there, but mine is on the side and Oskar’s in the middle. We are both quite ferocious too; at least when it’s time for food. I don’t like it when that silly keeper puts those tasty mice up in the trees, I’d rather just have him give it to me without that nonsense. If it’s not feeding time, just climb up that watchtower next to our compound, you’ll probably be able to spot both of us somewhere.

And I'm Oskar.

Wildkater Oskar

I’m the last but certainly not the least of the wildcats of Hütscheroda. Unlike that lazy brother of mine, I’m a passionate climber – from branch to branch without a sound, grabbing all the best food. I can get quite grumpy if my belly isn’t filled to my liking, and my appetite is insatiable. By the way, if you see me limping slightly, don’t worry – I had a little accident a while ago, but I’m all fine, I can still climb and run perfectly.

Opening hours


1st April to 31st October:

open daily

10:00 – 18:00

1st November to 31st March:

saturday, sunday, official holidays and during the school holidays

10:00 – 16:00 

Wildcat Enclosure


Watch real wildcats live in their natural habitat!


Wildcat Barn


A lot of information about the wildcat, their habitats and the dangers threatening them, presented in a child-friendly exhibition.