Wildcat Path

Rundwanderweg Wildkatzenpfad mit dem Aussichtsturm Hainichblick

Impressive sights

This seven kilometer long hiking trail leads through a real wildcat habitat, and one of Germany’s last untouched deciduous forests. The road leads through open fields and reforesting areas, then deep into the national park, and is a pleasure for hiking fans. On the halfway point, the watchtower “Hainichblick” gives an impressive view of the forest and the land around it; on a clear day, you can even see the cultural summit of the area in the distance, the castle “Wartburg”. The way is sufficiently equipped with directional markers and resting places; after about two hours, you arrive back in Hütscheroda.

The Wildcat symbol marks the path.

There is a map of the path available in the Wildcat Barn. (0.50€)

Opening hours


1st April to 31st October:

open daily

10:00 – 18:00

1st November to 31st March:

saturday, sunday, official holidays and during the school holidays

10:00 – 16:00 

Wildcat Enclosure


Watch real wildcats live in their natural habitat!


Wildcat Barn


A lot of information about the wildcat, their habitats and the dangers threatening them, presented in a child-friendly exhibition.