wildcat secret path

A short experience flatly

The wildcat path gives indeed a wonderful impression to the natural habitat of the wildcats, but with 7 kilometres it’s for some visitors a little bit too long.

So you have nevertheless the opportunity, to experience the national park’s beauty at first hand, was now laid out the much shorter wildcat secret path. With 1.5 kilometres length it’s much shorter than the big brother, but nevertheless it gives an very good insight to the Hainich‘s impressive flora and fauna.

The path starts not far from the wildcat enclosure and is therefore easy to reach. Through a young forest section with slim green trees and with tight hedges vegetated edge of the woods leads the path into older forest sections, marked by knotty old trees and varied vegetation. You can take a deep insight into the structure of the forest and with good luck you can maybe also catch a glance to one or the other dweller of the forest. Climbing elements next to the path invite big and small to discover their climbing capacities.

Fit for Strollers and athletic wheelchair drivers

After a short round trip through the tight forest and across the light forest clearing you reach a half hour later the meadow behind the wildcat enclosure, where benches invite to rest. A fireplace with grill and benches can be used on request for a family trip to the wildcat village. The path is nearly unhampered by barriers and is therefore fit for baby strollers and athletic wheelchair drivers (with support).

Opening hours


1st April to 31st October:

open daily

10:00 – 18:00

1st November to 31st March:

saturday, sunday, official holidays and during the school holidays

10:00 – 16:00 

Wildcat Enclosure


Watch real wildcats live in their natural habitat!


Wildcat Barn


A lot of information about the wildcat, their habitats and the dangers threatening them, presented in a child-friendly exhibition.